Offer Ensō

Instead of a Like button, Peepeth has the Ensō. Offer Ensō to timeless Peeps that enlighten, inspire, or entertain.
  • Offer a maximum of 1 Ensō per day.
  • An Ensō is forever. There is no undo.

Ensō (円相 , "circle") is a circle that is hand-drawn in one uninhibited brushstroke. It represents creativity, freedom of expression, and unity.


The values platform.

A blockchain-powered social network for our best selves.
A blockchain-powered social network for our best selves.
Michael Niles ·
Love seeing more decentralized applications grow on the Ethereum network. It's like the beginning of the www all over again!

A new kind of social network

Bringing out our best with opinionated features and permanence.

Content is openly and forever accessible on the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.
Permanence & creative constraints encourage mindful and self-aware Peeps.
Charity badges prevent suffering and inspire others. 1460 mosquito nets purchased by users so far.

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Greetings, Ethereum pro!

Warning: You're using an Ethereum provider other than MetaMask.

You can still use Peepeth, but some features such as sign-in may not work until you disable your current Web3 provider and install MetaMask.

Installing MetaMask and disabling your current provider is highly recommended.

Opinionated features

Peepeth's features are designed to encourage thoughtful contribution.

  • One "like" per day to help generate timeless content.
  • Pin someone else's Peep to your profile (but not your own) to recognize someone else's contribution.
  • Buy a charity badge to gain standing and followers.

No edit. No delete.

Peeps are forever, because they are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. There is no delete, so think twice and Peep once.