Peep for free

Free Peeping + No Waiting

You can now save your actions to the blockchain for free, and you'll no longer be blocked by pending transactions.

Free Peeping is only available to certain Peepers for now; see below.

How does this work?

Saving your data on the blockchain used to require sending transactions, which cost ether and took time.

Now, you only have to sign those actions (free & instant), and Peepeth will take care of the rest. Signing proves that your actions (Peeps, follows, etc) originate from you.

Signing is as easy as clicking "Sign" when your Web3 provider shows you the signing popup. will then save your actions to the blockchain for you on a regular basis (about every hour).

What am I signing?

You'll notice that Peepeth asks you to sign a string of characters like this:


That's the location of your data on IPFS.

To see what you're signing, visit:

How long do I have to wait to sign another batch of actions?

You don't! You can resume Peeping immediately, even before Peepeth has saved your last batch to the blockchain.


To qualify for free peeping, achieve at least one of the following:

  • Verify your Twitter or GitHub account
  • Peep at least 50 times, with an account that's at least 7 days old
  • Buy a Mosquito badge
More info

Free Peeping was conceived by Andrew B. Coathup (@abcoathup). Check out Andrew's Medium article.



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