The values platform.

A blockchain-powered social network for our best selves.
A blockchain-powered social network for our best selves.
Peepeth is my favorite dApp because I can use it when I'm broke!
Peepeth is invite-only right now.

This page will help get you set up, but you'll also need an invite to register. Just want to browse? Click here.

Get Started

Greetings, Ethereum pro!

Warning: You're using an Ethereum provider other than MetaMask.

You can still use Peepeth, but some features such as sign-in may not work until you disable your current Web3 provider and install MetaMask.

Installing MetaMask and disabling your current provider is highly recommended.

Opinionated features

Peepeth's features are designed to encourage thoughtful contribution.

  • One "like" per day to help generate timeless content.
  • Pin someone else's Peep to your profile (but not your own) to recognize someone else's contribution.
  • Buy a charity badge to gain standing and followers.

No edit. No delete.

Peeps are forever, because they are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. There is no delete, so think twice and Peep once.