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How can I get help?

The best and fastest way to get support is via this Discord server.

Can I delete or edit Peeps?

No. Think twice, Peep once.

How can I Peep on mobile?

It's easy. See how.

Can I link other addresses to my account?

Yes. You can link authorized addresses to your account from the Access tab in settings.

Accounts have a single master address and (optionally) multiple authorized addresses.

  • Master address: can take actions on Peepeth (peep, follow, etc) and enable/disable authorized addresses. Keep your master address safe!
  • Authorized addresses: can take actions on Peepeth, but can't manage other authorized addresses.

How do you say "Peepeth", and what does it mean?


peepeth. Verb. (archaic) third-person singular simple present indicative form of peep.


Some basic site statistics here.

Why is there a 15-action batch limit?

Peepeth lets you save Peeps and follows to the blockchain in batches. That means you don't have to spend ether every time you post a Peep, making Peepeth fast and easy to use.

There is currently a 15-action limit. That means you must save to the blockchain on a regular basis.

Although a higher batch limit increases the amount of time before a user must spend ether, it is desirable to save to the blockchain frequently because the blockchain is the only source of reliable timestamps on Peeps. Other front-ends must rely on that timestamp to see when a Peep was published.

The save-to-blockchain requirements will likely be changed in the future.

Why is there a 280-character limit?

This creative constraint is borrowed from Twitter. It allows easy cross-posting to that platform (another of Peepeth's features is posting to Twitter automatically). It is an otherwise arbitrary constraint and may be changed in the future.

What does "mute" do?

Muting a user prevents their Peeps from showing in your feed. To unmute a user, click "Mutes" in your account settings.

Is Peepeth moderated?

Yes. The blockchain is immutable, but content that is against the terms of use will not be visible from the front-end. Read more.

How can I get more followers?

  • Post good content regularly.
  • Engage with and follow others.
  • Buy a Mosquito badge which boosts you to the top group of recommended people to follow, shows you're invested in the idea of Peepeth, and gives you a lot of Peepeth cred.

Why can I only pin other people's Peeps, and not my own?

Pinning lets you honor someone else's contribution. It's a way to show unity while showcasing your values.

How can I pin a Peep to my profile page?

Click the ellipses ("...") underneath a Peep and click "Pin". Only one Peep can be pinned to your profile at a time, and you can only pin once every 24 hours.

Is the smart contract and/or front-end open-source?

The contract will be verified and the ABI is available now (see link). The front-end is proprietary. See this page for more info.

How can I format my Peeps?

Only "b" and "i" HTML tags are currently supported.

What are badges?

Badges are icons that appear next to your name in Peeps and/or on your profile page. For example, when you verify your Twitter or GitHub account, you'll get a or badge by your name.

You can also buy a Mosquito badge which appears on your avatar image. More badges coming soon!

Are brands welcome on Peepeth?

Yes. The best way to market your brand is to become a member of the Peepeth community and contribute good content. Examples:

How can I get link previews in my Peeps?

To have link previews in your Peeps, your account must be 7 days old and have peeped over 50 times, or have purchased a mosquito badge.

What if I see something I don't like?

You can mute users by clicking the three little dots beneath each Peep.

How can I help support Peepeth?

Click here for more info.

What are people saying about Peepeth?

See press mentions.


What is Peepeth and why does it matter?

A comprehensive start-up guide in Japanese: Makionaire's guide to getting started on Peepeth

A great run-through and explanation of Peepeth:

Is Peepeth open source?

Peepeth's back-end protocol is open source. Anybody can read from and write to Peepeth's data store without relying on Peepeth.com.

A Peepeth reader has been built, and users have posted to Peepeth from Universal dApp (uDapp).

The Peepeth.com front-end is closed-source for now. However, Peepeth.org will help others launch front-ends by providing the boilerplate code (see this page in the meantime).

I've lost access to the Ethereum account used on Peepeth. How can I get access to my account?

You may be out of luck. Your Ethereum address is needed to give you access to your Peepeth account.

Where can I buy Peepeth merch?

At the Peepeth store!

The "sign in" feature isn't working.

Do you have multiple web3 providers installed? (MetaMask and Parity, for example?) If so, try disabling one.

How do I get in touch?

Use the feedback button in the bottom-right of the screen or send an email to contact [at] peepeth.com


Support and feedback

Questions? Peep the FAQ and About pages.

For fast answers, ask on the Discord server.

or email Peepeth (slower).