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Unstoppable microblogging

Peepeth is a decentralized alternative to Twitter. It's unstoppable and uncensorable because it runs on the Ethereum blockchain. No company or government controls the data on Peepeth.

Freedom isn't free

It costs a little bit of ether (a cryptocurrency) to sign up. These fees power the Ethereum network. That's why you'll need MetaMask, which lets you execute Peepeth actions with 1 click.

After signing up, doing almost anything on Peepeth is free; you'll just have to sign for your actions (one click; proves actions originated from your Ethereum address), and Peepeth will save them to the blockchain for you.

Network fees help secure your data. It's a small price to pay for free speech.

Easy & efficient

Despite blockchain fees, Peepeth is nearly free to use because it lets you bulk-save actions to the blockchain in a single, cheap transaction.

Other than saving to the blockchain, Peepeth works like Twitter.

Who's who?

Peepeth lets you prove your identity by linking your Twitter account through the blockchain. You'll see a next to your name, linking to your Twitter page.

Other verifications are coming soon.

Monetize freely

Send ether to any Peep. Receive ether tips for your content.

YouTube not letting you monetize? Post links to your videos on Peepeth to receive tips.

Open data

Anybody can read from and write to Peepeth's data store (the blockchain). That means that any number of front-end applications could be built for Peepeth, without the author's permission.

More info

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