Gain Insight

Know Thyself

What do your Peeps say about you?
Peep-sonality testing

Learn more about yourself by having IBM Watson derive your personality traits from your public Peeps. Keep your results private or display them on your profile.

This optional paid service is for those who are curious about what their language use says about them.

  • Gain insight into your personality type.
  • Learn how your posts may be perceived.
  • Get an Insight badge.
  • "Improve" your Peeps going forward.
  • Test later and see the changes.
  • Optionally, display your results on your profile.
  • Support the development of Peepeth.
  • It's fun!

This is an optional paid service. You can delete your results, keep them private, or display them publicly on your profile.


The words you use predict aspects of your personality, notably the "Big Five" traits. This finding is substantiated by research.

Peepeth uses advanced machine learning from IBM Watson, which beat the leading human Jeopardy! contestants. It is quite accurate.

You need a minimum of 150 Peeps. The more Peeps you have, the more reliable it will be.

Although the test is good, keep in mind that it's not testing you, per se, but rather the aspect of yourself that you show on Peepeth.

What if I don't like my results?

Almost everyone is surprised by at least one of their results.

After viewing your results, you can choose to have the results stricken from the record completely, or to keep them private.

How can I use this info?

It is primarily to increase self awareness for those who are interested in what their public data says about them.

Those who've used it so far have reported reflecting more on their word choice.

What do I get?

You'll receive a report, visible on your profile, which graphs how you score on each of the Big Five personality traits relative to the general public.

After you review your results, you can decide to make your results public (allowing you to see others' results after 3 days), keep them private, or delete your results completely from

You'll also receive an Insight badge (either "closed" or "open", depending on whether you share your results publicly), visible on your profile, indicating that you've taken the test.

How much is it?

It cost 0.02 ETH per test ($8).


Support and feedback

Questions? Peep the FAQ and About pages.

For fast answers, ask on the Discord server.

or email Peepeth (slower).