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Peep without a dapp browser

Peep without a dapp browser

Tired of using a dapp browser to access Peepeth? You can now use Peepeth on any browser with just an email address.
Have you already signed up using a dapp browser?

You can enable email signins in Settings -> Access. You'll still be able to peep with your self-managed Ethereum address.

Don't have a Peepeth account yet?

(Coming soon) You can now sign up with just an email address; no need to install a dapp browser to use Peepeth. You can still sign up with a dapp browser if you prefer.

How it works

For existing Web3 users: if you enable this optional feature, you'll be asked to sign a special message with your existing Ethereum address. Signing the approval will link a new Peepeth-managed address to your Peepeth account. When you're signed in with your email address, Peepeth will sign your actions using that new authorized address. Your signed approval will be saved to the blockchain so the world will know that actions signed with the new address originate from you. You can revoke the Peepeth-managed authorized address at any time.

For new users (coming soon): You can sign up with just an email address (no dapp browser required). Peepeth will create and manage an Ethereum address for you, which will be used to identify your actions on the blockchain. You can transfer control of your account to a self-managed Ethereum address when you wish (but can continue using email sign-ins with a Peepeth-managed key if you choose). Email sign-ups are optional: you can still sign up with a dapp browser / self-managed address.


Support and feedback

Questions? Peep the FAQ and About pages.

For fast answers, ask on the Discord server.

or email Peepeth (slower).