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Saving to the blockchain costs ether. Choose your price below. Mystified?

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Offer Ensō

Instead of a Like button, Peepeth has the Ensō. Offer Ensō to timeless Peeps that enlighten, inspire, or entertain.
  • Offer a maximum of 1 Ensō per day.
  • An Ensō is forever. There is no undo.

Ensō (円相 , "circle") is a circle that is hand-drawn in one uninhibited brushstroke. It represents creativity, freedom of expression, and unity.

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Peepeth does not allow incitements to violence or other illegal material. Such messages cannot be removed from the blockchain but will not be displayed here.

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Prove it's you

Prove ownership of your Twitter account through the blockchain.


Securely show that you are "the real" you. Get a next to your name, linking to your Twitter page.


Tweet a specific message. Peepeth's smart contract will then verify your account using an oracle.

Verify your Twitter account

Step 1: Tweet this message.

Step 2: Submit request and pay fee (0.025 eth). 0.005 during beta

Your Twitter username
URL of the Tweet from Step 1
Submit & pay fee

Step 3: Wait 60 minutes.

Your Tweet will be verified in about 60 minutes (make sure it's public).


Check status or get in touch.

Verification didn't work?

Why sign in?

Q: Peepeth is asking me to sign in, but it looks like I already have. What's going on?

Congrats! You've saved your account to the blockchain. Peepeth can see your public Ethereum address through MetaMask, and is displaying the associated blockchain account. That's why it looks like you're signed in.

However, Peepeth.com doesn't yet know if you control your Ethereum address. Peepeth.com has some optional features (batch saving, email notifications, Twitter cross-posting) that require us to be sure you really control your blockchain account. That's why we ask you to sign in.

Q: How does sign in work?

When you click "Sign in", a MetaMask window will pop up asking you to "Sign" a message, which proves you control your address. It just takes a few clicks. No email or password are required.

Q: Does signing in let Peepeth execute blockchain transactions on my behalf?

No. It only proves to us that you control your Ethereum address. To read more about MetaMask's "sign" feature, click here.

Q: Do I have to sign in?

No. Signing in gives you access to optional features. Notably, not signing in means you'll have to pay Ethereum transaction fees every time you post or follow.

Passwordless Sign In

Show us it's you by signing a secret message. Read more.


Great! Now click "Sign"


Peepeth is cheap to use because it lets you bulk-save actions to the blockchain. That means you can post and follow on Peepeth.com for free, and then save everything to the blockchain in one transaction.

Some of your actions (like Peeps and follows) are saved to Peepeth.com, but haven't been saved to the blockchain yet. To immortalize them, click "Save to blockchain", and all your outstanding actions will be written to the blockchain in a single transaction.

Peepeth lets you save 15 actions off-chain before you must save them all to the blockchain. That number may later change.

Save to the blockchain

Some actions have not been saved to the blockchain yet. To lock your actions, save them to the blockchain now in a single transaction.

You can take up to 15 off-chain actions before saving them.

Read more.

Sign & save

Sign your data to save it to the blockchain (free). You'll sign this IPFS hash (click to verify):

You can take up to 15 off-chain actions before signing. Read more here.

🎉 Your first Peep! 🎉

🎉 Your first Peep! 🎉

Congrats! Your Peep is live but isn't on the blockchain yet. To save it, click "Save to blockchain" below or in the sidebar.

You can post up to 15 Peeps before you must save them to the blockchain in a single transaction. Read more.

🎉 Peep for free! 🎉

🎉 Peep for free! 🎉

Congrats! You can now Peep for free because you've reached 100 Peeps in good standing.

Instead of sending blockchain transactions, you'll sign for your actions. Peepeth will save them to the blockchain for you.

You can take up to 15 actions before you must sign. Read more here.


Welcome aboard!

Your account is live! It should be blockchain-saved soon.

Direct messages!



Promote your brand

Brands are welcome on Peepeth.

The best way to market your brand is to become a member of the Peepeth community. Good examples:

Thank you!


Your feedback helps Peepeth grow.

Need a timely response? Please email contact.peepeth [at] gmail.com.



Pin a Peep

On Peepeth, you can only pin other people's Peeps.

Pinning is a way to honor someone else's contribution while showcasing your values.

You can only pin once every 24 hours.

Peepeth Points

Earn Peepeth Points by referring friends.
  • Sign up only: 1 point
  • Twitter verification: 5 points
  • Mosquito badge: 25 points!

Points are just for fun. They have no value, and are not on the blockchain.

Invite friends by clicking "Invites" from the main menu, or by clicking below.

Invite friends

Invite friends and earn Peepeth Points!
Option 1: Referral link

Share this referral link to rack up Peepeth Points! People still have to apply for an invite using this method.

Log in to use this feature.
Option 2: Personal invites
Please sign in to use this feature.


...are greatly appreciated. Have a question? Check out the FAQ and About pages.